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Iman Prism Skirt

Iman Prism Skirt

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We will die on this hill.... WE LOVE A SET.  The perfect outfit.  It matches without trying, it's easy and always looks like you tried way harder than you did.  NOT TO mention, you're getting more bang for your buck by being able to mix and match the pieces.  It's literally our favorite thing to do.  And this set you guys... omg, it's so good!  Bright and cheery and OH soooo cute!  It'll brighten up your wardrobe.  You're gonna stand out in this colorful stripe sweater knit midi skirt.  Meant to sit at your waist, the Iman Prism Skirt is unlined and lightweight so you can set the style standard while feeling comfortable all day.

Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic

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