Why July is NOT our fave

Why July is NOT our fave

Hello Friends!  And WELCOME to our first ever Salty Spill!  We decided after 10years of being in business, that we'd start a newsletter/blog!  Our goal is to write about all things fashion, our favorite trends, behind the scenes, etc. We're pretty dang excited out it!  SO, thank you for signing up and reading this... here goes nothin'! :)

This is why July sucks....

In retail, everything operates months in advance. We typically order several months ahead of time and clothes often arrive a full season ahead. And usually, it's no big deal... But not this month. This month, it SUCKS. July is the hardest month of the year for us. July is 'THAT' time of year.

That time of year when we feel the 'Sunday Night Blues' start to creep in. That time of year when it feels like the last day of vacation with each and every box that UPS and FedEx delivers. That time of year that breaks our little lake life livin', iced coffee drinking, flip flop wearing, SUMMER LOVIN' hearts!! (for me, it starts with that first email advertising the Nordstrom Sale...) That's when I know.... The "F" word is coming.


Don't get me wrong...I like Fall just fine. There's Halloween, Fantasy Football and it's my birthday season! And sure, I can get down with some pumpkin spice and that cool crisp air just as much as the next gal. But Summer.... Summer has my heart. (Plus, the spiders and 'dark at 5pm days' can pound sand).

So, even tho the "F" word is coming, so are the CLOTHES!!! And that is definitely a reason to get excited for the season. The FASHION! It's arriving on the daily and taking over our back room. It'll hit the floor soon enough (within the next few weeks). And we can't wait for you to see it!

But, until then... have some friends over for a BBQ, jump in the lake, watch the sunset or take that road trip!! And ENJOY the rest of your SUMMER!!

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