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Aloha Collection

Aloha Collection - Duffle

Aloha Collection - Duffle

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The Splash-Proof duffle is lightweight and ready for weekend getaways or trips to the gym.  Lightweight and spacious, it's the perfect workout bag or game-day companion. There is ample space for your athletic wear, a water bottle, sneakers, and a change of clothes.  Did we mention it's washable?  Bonus points for a bag that can carry fresh clothes in and your sweaty clothes out!  With it's inside and outside zipper pockets and removable/adjustable crossbody strap, its so convenient to pack and carry.  The duffle is 10" diameter and 17.5" long, making it the perfect size for a weekend away at the beach too!

  • SPLASH-PROOF® is the next best thing to waterproof! Your belongings will be protected from a light splash, light rain, or a cocktail spillage, but please do not submerge your ALOHA Collection pouch with belongings inside. The zipper and seams of ALOHA Collection bags are not watertight.
  • Our Splash-Proof bags are easy to clean! Wipe down with a damp cloth, hand wash in the sink, or toss in the washing machine on delicate and lay flat to dry.


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