The Swim Spill

The Swim Spill

Have you guys had your first lake/beach day of the year yet? I was finally breaking out my hibernating swimsuits and I immediately knew I needed to add to my collection. There are SO many cute swim styles out this year, I know only wearing last summer suits just won’t cut it for me!

I have my trusty black side tie bottoms, but you can’t have too many colors. The side tie is just truly the most flattering, versatile bikini bottom you can find. I’ve seen this style in everything from full coverage to a thong, and everything in between. We’re totally partial to cheeky coverage though! We don’t typically go for FULL booty out, but you can’t go wrong with a little cheek!!

Another style we’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE is semi-sporty wetsuit style swimsuits. They’re great for jet skiing or if you get a burn and need a break from the UV. We have a really cute long sleeve suit at the shop right now! It’s bright and tropical and full coverage, but the best part is that it has almost a completely open back! We love baking in the sun, but if you need to cover up, 2024 swim heard you and delivered.

We’ve been super stoked about how many suits are reversible lately! It’s basically like 4 suits in one, since you can match top with bottom on each side or wear one piece reversed! Our favorite look is mixed and matched, one piece one way and one the other! Reversible suits are perfect for packing light for vacay, so you don’t have to bring a different suit for every outfit. (Unless you want to!!)

And no swim look is complete without sun protection!! We care about our skin here at Moxie, and we care about yours too! Bring a coverup for when you start to burn, and stock up on your fave sunscreen!! Our recommendations for coverage is a light long sleeve button up (we have a great one! Look up the “premium holiday surf shirt”) and a lightweight but mid-to-high SPF screen. Our latest favorite is called Bask! We have a spray, a lotion, and a clear, oil free primer!

That’s the spill for now! Stay golden and HAGAS! (Have A Great Almost Summer)

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